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Coulter: Media is now Praetorian guard to protect president from dumb moves

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Recent events have given conservatives plenty of vindication on a number of subjects — including Benghazi and Obama’s handling of foreign affairs — and Ann Coulter hit them all.

Coulter appeared on Fox News Channel’s the Sean Hannity Show Tuesday night with her trademark wit and sarcasm in full force.

She referred to President Obama’s “meaningless, little red line in the sand” over Syria using chemical weapons “very embarrassing” for the United States.

“Our country is always put in a more dangerous position after Democrats have been in the White House,” she observed. She opined that early withdrawal of troops from Iraq worsened the situation in Syria.

With respect to Benghazi, Coulter considered the media little more than coconspirators the apparent White House “cover-up.”

She continued, “this ought to be a turning point for the media. I mean, this couldn’t have happened if it were a Republican president, because the media would not have allowed a Republican administration to openly lie to the American people about the attack on our embassy.”

Coulter also took on South Carolina Democratic chair Dick Harpootlian who said that GOP Gov. Nikki Haley ought to go back where she came from.

Finally, in her best impression of a Democrat, Coulter said, “Yes, we have you all on welfare and have destroyed the black family in America so we don’t owe you anything else. Just keep voting for us and don’t expect us to do anything for you, black Americans.”

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