SNL inadvertently hits both sides with Fox & Friends skit

Saturday Night Live opened its show last night by attempting to mock the hosts of the popular Fox News morning program, Fox & Friends. It portrayed the shows co-hosts as being unable to call NBA player Jason Collins a “hero” for announcing that he’s gay, but in so doing, made the exact point conservatives have been making since the NBA player came out of the closet.

“I mean, why does telling embarrassing personal secrets make you a hero?” asked the Steve Doocy character, played by Taran Killam. “Hey, everybody, I prefer Asian ladies, I’m a hero!”


After covering the Collins announcement, the gang tackled gun control with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, portrayed by Fred Armisen. There again, if the SNL crew were trying to mock conservatives, the attempt fell short.

They only succeeded at the very end. If you’re able to laugh and poke fun at yourself, you’ll find it hilarious. At least I thought so.


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