Mayor Mcfascist: Libs in a tizzy over Beck’s NRA Nazi Bloomberg

The far-left organization Media Matters is bemoaning Glenn Beck‘s portrayal of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a Nazi in a parody that was part of the former Fox News host’s presentation Saturday at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Houston, Texas.

Beck was mocking Bloomberg’s tyrannical behavior by introducing a new ad for New York City, complete with the slogan: “You will love New York.” With a special emphasis on “you will,” Beck satirically implies you really have no choice.

In the past, Beck has put forth the idea that Mayor Bloomberg could very well be the most dangerous man in America, calling him “Mayor Mcfascist” for his obsession with banning things he deems to be unhealthy or unnecessary.

And let’s not forget “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” the non-profit run by Bloomberg that is actively advocating for gun control in America.

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Tom Tillison


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