Vitter on Twitter: Senator exposes stink bombs buried in immigration bill

Vitter-on-twitterA Republican Senator is carefully going over the “Gang of Eight’s” immigration reform bill page-by-page and tweeting his findings to all his followers. He’s discovering that it’s less about reform and more about unfettered immigration than most of us have been led to believe.

We all know what happens when Congress passes laws Congress doesn’t bother reading — Obamacare. Sen. David Vitter, representing Louisiana, seems determined to not let that happen again.

He began his twitter campaign on Apr. 30 with the following tweet:


He disclosed that the bill gives the Secretary of Homeland Security almost unbridled power over how the act is implemented. She can reclassify the status of undocumented immigrants and “waive their inadmissibility for humanitarian purposes and public interest,” as he tweeted. This would allow them to circumvent the 13-year legalization process Gang of Eight member Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. has been touting for the last couple of weeks.

Vitter also notes that the secretary has sole discretion over who gets deported and who remains, as well as how to define such phrases as “compelling circumstances” for purposes of applying for citizenship. Micromanagement, anyone?

The secretary can waive filing-time requirements, processing fees and eligibility requirements. The proposal would transfer $50 million to the Department of Homeland Security “to assist illegals in citizenship apps,” according to his tweet.

As of this writing, Sen. Vitter is up to page 164 of the 844-page bill. What he’s discovered so far may be enough to make most conservatives send the “Gang of Eight” back to the drafting board.

To keep up to date on his latest findings, follow Sen. Vitter on Twitter at @DavidVitter.

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