Lib website slams NRA for marketing pink guns and bra holsters

Is there something wrong with pink guns and bra holsters? There is according to ThinkProgress.org, a liberal website funded by the Center for American Progress.

The site notes that the National Rifle Association is an overwhelmingly male organization, mainly because “women are all too familiar with the ways guns can make a dangerous situation worse.” It also seems to draw the conclusion that because women support “common sense gun violence prevention measures” more than men, then they must not like guns.

While trying to criticize the NRA for exhibits marketing to women at this weekend’s convention, even their readers who are commenting on their article don’t agree.

One woman commented, “Naturally, this article is written by MEN who are anti-choice when it comes to a woman’s right to choose how she protects herself. #MyBodyMyChoice”

This woman knows a good marketing plan when she sees one, “They did this last year too, you know. And apparently, according to people I know who went there, they were selling rather well.”

This one goes in the slightly agree column: “I consider myself a feminine woman, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with any of that pink stuff, not a pink gun and not any of those pepto-bismol-colored accessories. If I’m going to carry around a killing machine, I want it to be a sensible color, like flat black.”

Here are a few photos from the ThinkProgress site attempting to disparage the NRA:

Pink bra with holster

His and hers assault rifles

Gun bumper stickers for women

Photo credits: ThinkProgress.org


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