Gov. Rick Perry welcomes NRA in pure Texas style

The governor of Texas got the chance Friday to show off his marksmanship and welcome the National Rifle Association to his state.

Houston ABC affiliate KTRK-13 met Gov. Rick Perry at a gun range owned by LaRue Tactical of Leander in central Texas. He was there to film a short clip to welcome the NRA’s annual Leadership Forum, held this year in Austin.

The interview eventually steered its way to gun control.

“They’re so focused on the wrong issues.  They’re trying to make law-abiding people jump through more hoops and I think a lot of this is like those on the left, they just want something that they can say ‘oh we won, we won a battle here,’” Perry said.

“I’m not sure that there’s any gun reform that’s needed at this point,” he later added.

Perry proved during the Republican primary that he’s not necessarily the best debater in the world. But as the videos attest, put a weapon in his hands and he suddenly becomes quite eloquent.

The first video is of the interview, the second is Perry’s welcoming video. Enjoy.

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