NYC May Day: NBC reporter clueless of Soviet flags’ significance

May-DayAt Wednesday’s May Day celebration in Manhattan’s Union Square, an NBC reporter was completely and hilariously oblivious to the imagery from the former Soviet Union that dominated the scene.

May Day was celebrated in the bad old days of Soviet-bloc countries as International Workers’ Day, and from the signs, flags and banners on display in Union Square, one would have almost expected to see a reincarnated Nikita Khrushchev walking around. Much of this was reported and more photos provided in the National Review Online.

Ida SiegalLocal NBC reporter Ida Siegal and a film crew was on hand to cover the event, and she was approached by a local videographer going by the name “Bombscare,” and asked if she was going to cover any of the Soviet imagery, according to Mediaite.

“You guys are with channel 4 news,” the videographer noted as he approached Siegal. “Are you guys going to show any of the people with Hammer and Sickle flags?”

“I haven’t seen any of those flags,” she replied. She would have had to have been blind to have missed them according to the photos published in NRO. “What do they represent?”


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