Nearly one-third of voters think armed revolution may be needed

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While it’s an easy argument to suggest Americans are out of touch with what’s happening in Washington, D.C., a new survey may indicate some are out of touch with reality altogether.

According to a survey from Fairleigh Dickinson University, nearly a third of registered voters — 29 percent — believe an “armed revolution” might be necessary in the next few years in order to protect liberties.

The poll of 863 registered voters was conducted April 22-28 and explored perceptions regarding Congress’ latest gun control push as well as the Sandy Hook mass shooting, Fox News reported.

The survey may help explain why applications for gun permits have hit record highs and retailers report ammo has been flying off the shelves, Fox adds, as some voters think a revolution could be on the horizon.

When asked whether an armed revolution might soon be necessary to protect liberties, 29 percent said yes. Another 47 percent said no, while the rest were either unsure or declined to answer.

However, is it even realistic to think that an armed struggle could break out in this country and that the citizenry can actually go toe-to-toe with the greatest military in history? Although, at the time of the first American revolution, King George’s army was considered in the same light.

Nonetheless, military grade weaponry today is mind boggling.

In addition to the high number of applications for gun permits — the FBI processed 2.78 million background checks through its national database in December, according to Forbes, the busiest month ever — gun sales are at record levels.

The largest sales day in gun history came on the Black Friday after President Obama’s first election, Forbes reported, then again after his reelection in 2012. In fact, due to record demand for firearms in 2009, Obama was awarded the “Gun Salesman of the Year” by Outdoor Wire.

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