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Michelle Malkin to Jay Carney: No expiration date on outrage over Benghazi

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Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin gave the appropriate tongue-lashing to Press Secretary Jay Carney for his despicable comment implying it was time for Americans to move on because Benghazi happened “a long time ago.”

Malkin and the hosts of “Fox and Friends” Thursday lit into Carney for his implication, like so many others in the Obama administration, to move along, folks, nothing to see here on Benghazi.

Malkin discussed the “long time ago” comment made by a “smug” Carney at Wednesday’s press conference, noting that there is no expiration date on outrage:

I would say that it’s his mouth that has a long pattern of spreading misinformation. And, the smugness of this mouthpiece of the Obama administration – of course, that all comes from the top down – but there is literally nothing that will wipe that smirk off his face at a press briefing.

Steve Doocy even slammed Carney directly saying, “Sputnik, was a long time ago, the invention of the cotton gin, a long time ago, Benghazi, seven and a half months ago. Jay, you’re wrong, it wasn’t a long time ago.

Watch Malkin on Fox and Friends via Mediaite here:


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