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DNC incensed over new Republican ad

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As if the nation’s two major political parties don’t have enough to squabble about, the Democratic National Committee now claims that a new GOP ad exploits the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

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The Republican ad is called “The First 100 Days,” and is based on the president’s failures during 100 days of his presidency. It depicts network news footage and is highlighted by a Tuesday press conference statement made by the president that “Maybe I should just pack up and go home,” according to The Hill.

The ad briefly shows a black and white photo of President Obama about to embrace Nicole Hockley, a Sandy Hook mother who lost a child in the tragedy. The depiction of that photo is the cause for the brouhaha.

DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse shot out that the ad was “disgraceful” in a tweet and then followed up with another, calling it “disgusting.”

Brad tweet

The Republican National Committee’s Sean Spicer observed that it was all news file footage of the president — in this case ABC.

Sean Tweet

As for exploiting the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the president and his party have been doing that for over four months.

Read more at The Hill and watch the video.


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