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Dana Perino quotes Bush on terror, says treat new suspects as terrorists

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Former Press Secretary Dana Perino believes the three new suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing should have been treated as terrorists considering the help they gave to the Tsarnaev brothers after the attack.

Perino repeated words said by President George W. Bush about the war on terror in 2006:

You are either with us or you’re against us. And if you are involved in terrorism, you too are a terrorist.

She wasn’t happy with the federal obstruction and false statement charges filed against the new suspects, saying the charges weren’t hard enough.

“We are treating this more like a criminal situation when it is actually a war,” Perino said. “We have a war going on and it’s happening right here on our soil.”

Her co-hosts on Fox News’ “The Five” agreed with her Wednesday evening.

Eric Bolling said he believes that aiding and abetting terrorists is no less of a crime than being a terrorist. He was outraged that the suspects will face possible maximum sentences of five years for helping get rid of evidence the students said they suspected, according to the police affidavit, may have been part of the Boston terrorist attack.

Perino ended with a snarky, but excellent suggestion, on what the U.S. should do with these three new suspects, two who are from Kazakhstan and one who is an American.

She said the U.S. should “refurbish” cells in Gitmo to resemble jails from each prisoner’s home country. Then, she said, send the students to Gitmo and say, “Kazakh jail for you, you, Kazakh jail!”

Watch the discussion on “The Five” via Mediaite here:


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