GOP’s dead on video: The buck goes ‘round and ‘round

The late President Harry S. Truman’s most famous quote has to be “The buck stops here.” It was so famous, in fact, that he kept a plaque […]

US Muslims
DOJ warns Muslim bashing on social media may be federal offense

It’s come to this: The two top U.S. Department of Justice officials in Tennessee have organized a meeting to discuss the fact that not all American Muslims […]

Barack Obama
White House seeks to limit ‘excessive’ contractor salaries that exceed Obama’s

A recent White House blog post suggests that government contractor executive salaries exceeding that of President Obama‘s are “excessive,” and that the administration will be doing something […]

Bradford County Courthouse
Country’s first atheist monument to go up at North Fla. courthouse

The Bradford County Courthouse in north Florida will soon be home to the first atheist monument in the country to be located on government property. It began […]

Less is more in Florida education spending

TALLAHASSEE – When it comes to education spending in Florida, the age old expression that “you get what you pay for” simply does not apply. A recent […]

cowboy cap gun
5-year-old suspended, interrogated over cap gun until he wets his pants

You have all read the stories of the hysterical overreaction by schools to toy guns, but this recent story is highly disturbing in the severity of the […]

Fla. GOP chairman gets involved in Democrats’ annual dinner

Is former Gov. Charlie Crist planning to announce a run to return to the Governor’s Mansion during the Demcrats’ annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in June? The chairman […]

Brokaw with Clinton
Brokaw trashes First Amendment, gushes over Clintons

Tom Brokaw appeared on NBC’s Today Show on Thursday to promote his new endeavor, The Brokaw Files, premiering on the Military Channel, but had some interesting things […]

Former White House aides cash in big thanks to another Obama lie

Even with new restrictions, President Obama’s former aides are using their government connections to rake in consulting fees after they leave White House work. According to a […]

Darrell Issa
State Dept. says it may not comply with Issa’s Benghazi subpoena

As the country remains focused on both the IRS targeting of groups because of their political beliefs and the monitoring of reporters by the Justice Department, the […]

Fla food stamp program
Fla. illegal on welfare for 20 years shows others how to milk system

“Welfare is not a career opportunity,” unless you’re an illegal immigrant, mother of seven on food stamps, and collecting social security, of all things, in the great […]

O'Reilly on the IRS
O’Reilly: IRS official’s 157 visits to White House likely ‘smoking gun’

When word got out that IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman had visited the White House more often than previously reported, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly jumped on the fact […]

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