Dr. Cesare Santangelo
Undercover video evidence blows lid off post-birth abortion industry

LiveAction.org’s latest video series is titled “Inhuman,” and it focuses on the late-term abortion industry. The nation is shocked at the evidence coming out of the Kermit […]

tsarnaev family
Tsarnaev family received stunning amount in welfare benefits

The Boston Marathon terrorists and their family members received over $100,000 in welfare benefits over a 10-year period, the Boston Herald has learned. From 2002 to 2012, […]

Jason Collins
Obama calls gay NBA player personally to praise him for coming out

Washington Wizards center Jason Collins has come out as America’s first openly gay athlete to play on a major professional team. A move that prompted President Barack […]

Judy Clarke
Famous death penalty lawyer joins Boston bomber’s defense team

The federal public defender famous for keeping stone-cold killers from getting the death penalty has joined Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team. San Diego criminal defense attorney […]

House Dems resolve climate change could lead to prostitution

A dozen House Democrats have submitted a resolution asking Congress to recognize that climate change will lead to all manner horribles affecting women the greatest, and may […]

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck, Fox News openly feud about why he left

It looks as if Fox News chief Roger Ailes is more than ready to ramp up any underlying differences he may have with former host Glenn Beck. […]

NRA Women 2
NRA Women channel launched for the ‘armed and fabulous’

The National Rifle Association has re-launched its NRA Women channel online, aiming to capitalize on the growing number of women who want to be “armed and fabulous.” […]

Katherine Russell Tsarnaev widow
Investigators find female DNA on Boston bomb evidence, search widow’s home

The examination of evidence from the Boston Marathon bombing continues to provide new developments to the case. Sources confirmed to Fox News on Monday that female DNA […]

joe biden
Joe Biden to Sen. Graham: ‘I will rip your skin off’

When he starts rambling, just sit back and wait patiently for the inevitable wacky words of Vice President Joe Biden. And, oh boy, did Biden come out […]

foxx bike
Obama uses Transportation Department pick to push affirmative action

A federal Cabinet department with 55,000 employees, a budget of more than  $72 billion and responsibility for the nation’s road, rail and air travel will be taken […]

Obama administration begins bullying campaign against Israel

It appears more and more each day that Barack Obama is deluding himself that he’s not only the President of the United States, but also the Israeli […]

killer whales
Fla. couple gets rare encounter with killer whales

The magnificence of nature was on full display for a Florida couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in La Paz, Mexico. Florida divers Rich and Laura Howard […]