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‘Bang with Friends’ helps people find sex buddies on Facebook

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While politicos on the left and the right debate the current state of morality in America, a good gauge of priorities for younger generations may be found in a new Facebook app called “Bang with Friends.”

It is a three-month-old app that helps you find friends who want to “hook up” for sex and it is gaining a lot traction, according to Business Insider.

The app helps you find a Facebook friend to hook up with and sends them a “nudge” letting them know your intentions. If that person is in agreement, then you can take things offline and set up a meeting.

In an interview with one of the founders, who wish to remain anonymous for now, Business Insider notes:

Bang With Friends (BWF) launched in January and since then has seen some incredible traffic.

Using the power of Facebook and no marketing budget at all, BWF has amassed more than 820,000 users who are all “down to bang.” BWF has 200,000 pairs, which is what happens when two people agree to meet in person.

70 percent of BWF’s users are between the ages of 18 and 34.

The founders have a couple of investors and are looking to raise $1 million in seed money (pardon the pun).

As for morality, it remains to be seen if this new phenomenon will rank up there with the “free love” era of the 60’s. It’s also unclear what effect, if any, Internet predators, sometimes referred to as “Craigslist killers,” will have on such fertile grounds.

Nonetheless, like so many other things in today’s advanced technological world, courtship in America has been fast-tracked. Straight to the bedroom.

Tom Tillison


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