Joe Biden to Sen. Graham: ‘I will rip your skin off’

joe biden
Photo Credit: Public Secrets

When he starts rambling, just sit back and wait patiently for the inevitable wacky words of Vice President Joe Biden.

And, oh boy, did Biden come out with a doozy of a comment directed at U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham at a forum he attended with Sen. John McCain last week.

Mediaite reported the bizarre comment Biden made to Graham at the McCain Institute for International Leadership:

Biden said that he would do whatever he could to help Graham win his reelection bid next year. The vice president said he would be happy to campaign for him or against him, promising Graham that he would “rip your skin off” if that would cement his reputation as an enemy of the Obama administration among South Carolina’s Republican primary voters.

Biden turned to Graham. “I told him I’ll come to South Carolina and campaign for him or against him, whichever will help the most — I know which it’ll be,” he said to laughter. ”I’m going down there to do the JJ next weekend, Lindsey, and I assure you I will rip your skin off for you, and I expect a thank-you note.”

“He said to laughter?” Yes, Mr. Vice President. They are, as usual, laughing at you, not with you.

Watch the newest wacky words of the Vice President via Mediaite here:


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