It’s official: Obama spends more time on recreation than economy

A report released by the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), has concluded that President Barack Obama has spent twice as much time on vacation and golf as he has in economic meetings throughout his entire term in office.

Obama rides a bikeThat may come as no surprise to some, but the nonpartisan GAI actually conducted an analysis which found Obama spent 976 hours on vacation and golf, compared to economic meetings which rated a mere 474.7 hours.

The GAI report, “Presidential Calendar: A Time-Based Analysis,” calculated the time using as sources the White House official calendar, Politico’s comprehensive calendar, and media reports. The study covered the president’s 1,532 days in office up through March 31, 2013.

The report notes a few key findings.

President Obama has spent 3.6 % of his total work time in economic meetings or briefings of any kind (assuming a six day, 10-hour a-day workweek) throughout his presidency.

In 2013, President Obama has spent 6 total hours in economic meetings of any kind.

The number of days with some sort of economic meeting has declined significantly throughout President Obama’s time in office. Throughout 2009, President Obama had 140 days with economic meetings. By 2012, the number of days with a scheduled economic meeting decreased to 29 (a 79 % decrease).

Throughout his time in office, President Obama has played 115 total rounds of golf and spent 86 days on vacation, for an estimated combined total of 976 hours. (Four hours allotted for golf, six hours per day for vacation)

“People understand that presidents have the most stressful job in the world and need a break from time to time,” GAI President Peter Schweizer told Breitbart. “There will be some who will be encouraged by the numbers and some who will wish the president spent more time in economic meetings. As a government watchdog group, we just tabulate the numbers and let others decide how to interpret them.”

Read the entire GAI report here:

Presidential Calendar: A Time-Based Analysis

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


21 thoughts on “It’s official: Obama spends more time on recreation than economy

  1. PatriotBob357 says:

    Ya …he really needs a long vacation….in JAIL!

    1. brenda says:

      what else is new. They should figure how much tax money was spent for all od this and make him pay it back

  2. Sam Page says:

    I'M SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're life's been one unbroken boulevard of green lights, hasn't it, there Barry?

  3. Ted says:

    I noticed that the writer isolated golf instead of vacations. W still has the record for vacations. You all still know that it really doesn't matter where the president is, he has everything he needs to be president. He is working 24/7, anywhere. Do you discount the golf with Boner and congressional leaders? Ask any businessman or woman if golf is just a game or is it really an opportunity to do business. If you were on the links, you probably don't know what they were talking about. This article was skewed to the point that it was pointless. If you talk through your hat, your an ass. I guess that is where the term "asshat" came from originally. Just wondering.

    1. Ted says:

      I forgot to address the vacations directly. W still has the record. Its not the total of hours spent on a "vacation". Its what you got done anytime, including "vacations". Back to my top, the president is on duty 24/7. His workday doesn't stop just because his office is closed. The whole concept of his not being somehow not available due to vacations is weak. Now, W was still on vacation while on vacation or not. Just saying.

    2. Howler Monkey says:

      Lol I'm sure Tiger Woods has a lot to contribute to the "business" of being president. Wow cant believe how blind you are.

      1. Ted says:

        One thing to remember is that while Obama was golfing, he was the president. Woods was a golfer. I don't know whether the president wanted Woods' help with a project, like a charity or becoming a spokesmen. Who knows. It is ignorant conjecture to "imagine" what good the president is doing where ever his is. Simply because we don't know. Remember that opinions are like other things, everyone has one. I'll let it go at that.

  4. Doug Hanks says:

    Stock market -12% under Bush. +100% under Obama. Spend more time in meetings.

    1. Howler Monkey says:

      Lol What percentages are you working on Dough? Ted please give me the articles or evidence, that proves W was always on vacation, longer than Obama. Get you're heads out of you're ass or at least some one else's ass. You blast this article about not being accurate or truthful, yet your comments have no substance or evidence of your claims.

      1. Ted says:

        Look up the number of days on "vacation". the big spot for W was Crawford, TX. If you dig, you'll find that W spent more official time on vacation than Obama I'm confident of my info and invite you to look up the figures for yourself. I won't lead you by the hand, though, you seem to be preoccupied with keeping them in places that maybe only you can enjoy. Or was that your head. No wonder you can't hear the truth. By the way, W was such a disaster that even the RNC kept him away from the convention. How proud is that? Can you hear me now?

  5. Howler Monkey says:

    One last thing Dough. I'm always confused when it comes to you Libs. You always blame W and Wall street for all Americas problems,yet you defend Wall street now? a 23.6% annual increase happened under president Obama, not 100% so stop lying.This was also a result of stabilization in global markets. What you are referring to is an article about the first term of presidency of each president. If i use you're logic, i could say Clinton left a mess for bush that's why he started at -12%. For the record the article states Obama's first term started with 85%, so once again you are lying with your 100% remark. Here is a little post from CBS about the topic:

    "I caution you not to conclude that future stock performance will be better under Democrats. These statistics could just as easily be the result of finding patterns out of randomness, such as the Superbowl effect or September bear market trend.

    What it does mean is that investment advisors, and even investors as a whole, are very loose with quoting market data. Accuracy seems to be irrelevant. Throw a little politics into the mix and the emotion drives the distortion higher by a factor of ten. People want the data to support their positions so they make up some facts. Others hear these faulty facts and let confirmation bias drive them to blindly believe and spread the word without bothering to verify the accuracy. Simply put, people believe these statements as fact because they want to believe them"

    1. Doug Hanks says:

      Stock market has been a winner under everyone from Reagan to Obama except for W. Rightly or wrongly the sitting President gets the credit or the blame for market performance. Just as there are all types of Conservatives there are all types of liberals. I invest heavily in the market and am riding a six-year whirlwind. Couldn't be happier.

    2. Doug Hanks says:

      Howler you are correct. I just did the math. S&P was 805.22 on Inauguration Day 2008 and as we speak is 1595.93. The gain is 98.19%

    3. Ted says:

      Mister Monkey, you seem to be trying to pull this subject away from the original one about Obama's time on vacation and what he did or didn't do while being the president while he was there. Look at it this way. You have more than 1000 days of Obama to look forward to. Every morning, day after day. You will be four years older. Maybe no wiser, if evidence so far should be used, but nonetheless, you will be someone who voted for the loser. Maybe next time, you won't voter for a loser. If you look down the pike, it appears that the GOP still won't get it together for 2014, or 2016. So, I think that in order for you to avoid voting for a loser, again, is to vote for the Democrat. Any Democrat. Just a suggestion. Can you hear me now?

  6. Mike Smollon says:

    "It Official" ? Really, because some right wing G-A-I in Tallahassee says so? And Howler Monkey (great visual for most right wing talking heads), here's one article about golf, vacation and other Obama myths.

    1. Howler Monkey says:

      lol well the article is pretty lame, as the total amount of vacation and golf time is 40 days. I was upset about Ted worshiping the president. Believing hes doing Presidential work while playing golf, that's just ridiculous. I do find i't upsetting that the president has spent so little time while dealing with the economy. My main beef was with Dough Hank's posting of irrelevant facts about the stock market and then he also continues to lie about those facts. I'm not right wing, I'm libertarian I dislike any right wing left wing talk. It's all BS and you all lie. In my homeland ,right and left wing are terms we label fanatics with. The main thing i dislike about Liberals, are the fictitious facts you use to bolster your party with in the media and to smear your opponents with. The main thing i dislike about the Right in america, is their narrow mindedness and the fact that they seek to force their ideals on everyone. I'm might have immigrated to this country legally. But as an outsider its easy to see all the BS in your politics. That's why i vote for libertarian party members, although they also have real problems,it's far less than Dems and Reps though. Ps: I hate all the labeling from both sides. if i dont side with a rep im a lefty. if i dont side with the Dems im a right wing. Stop dehumanizing everyone! before you know it you will be elbow deep in blood because of it. Read some history and next time before you post, (and this goes to everyone) back it up with facts. Thank you Mike for at least bringing some real facts to the table.

      1. Ted says:

        Libertarian voters might as well dump their votes down the crapper. At the very most, they will be taking votes away from the GOP, like the teabaggers. Maybe if you guys could "smoke" your ideas you'd get something tangible out of them. One thing about bring facts to the table with some people, they won't believe them anyway. There will always be "something" that they think is slanted right, left or down the center the wrong way. It is more fun to see the amazement that some of these people view the US political happenings. The amazement seems to be because progress is made without their views. Big surprise. On that Libertarian thing: don't forget to flush, twice. Can you hear me now?

  7. tim says:

    10 hours a day, 6 days a week? Are you kidding? If he works more than 3 or 4 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week I'd be suprised. Just look at his schedule on the White House website. You can't count planning concerts and fundraising as work.

  8. tim says:

    How much time has he spent on looking into Federal waste which has been identified by GAO as billions $ a year….Answer ZERO

  9. Stephen says:

    Hell, I'm GLAD he spends more time on vacation than "working on" the economy…. God help us, but it would be for the best if he spent every hour of every day at amusements.

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