Fla. couple gets rare encounter with killer whales

killer whalesThe magnificence of nature was on full display for a Florida couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in La Paz, Mexico.

Florida divers Rich and Laura Howard got the experience of a lifetime as a pod of 17-20 Orcas/Killer Whales flipped and played alongside the couple’s boat for nearly one hour off the coast of La Paz

The Howard’s learned locals had seen the whales occasionally over the past decade, but no one had ever witnessed this behavior by the pod before.

According to the Howard’s website, “Oceans of Images:”

Killer Whales (Orcas) in this area are VERY RARE. Our diver master stated in ten years he has seen them only 3 times and they have NEVER had a close encounter like this. Luck plays a huge part sometimes in witnessing the awesome nature of God’s creatures. We were very lucky.

Indeed they were, and we thank them for sharing this incredible video with us!

Watch the Howard’s amazing video here:


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