Obama dithering on Syria keeps press minions in knots

It can’t be easy trying to spin a White House stance when you can’t even explain it. Sometimes, you have to twist your words.

Sometimes you have to lie.

When all else fails, blame Bush – even if it flies in the face of logic.

First up is USA Today, a reliably pro-administration propaganda sheet that routinely uses its editorials to shill for Obama.

An editorial in Friday’s paper kicks off with the sentence, “Mounting evidence that Syria used chemical weapons against rebel forces leaves President Obama in a difficult trap.”

And what’s the trap? Obama has said if Syria uses chemical weapons, it will be a “game changer” for U.S. involvement. Now that the Syrians have apparently used chemical weapons — showing what regard they hold for the posturing of the world’s sole remaining superpower — and the White House follows through with …. nothing.

USA Today calls that a “trap.” School yard kids call it “put up or shut up.” King Canute can do neither.

But that’s just lawyering, really. The New York Times goes one better on Saturday, when it actually lies about the administration’s uneven responses to the “Arab Spring.”

Obama, according to the Times “led an international bombing campaign” against Quaddafi in Libya.

Anyone with a television knows Obama got forced into action by England and France (which is shameful by itself), then tried to pretend it wasn’t us, it was “NATO” so as not to hurt the feelings of a bunch of savages who returned the favor by slaughtering an American ambassador. “Led” is a lie.

Finally, there’s Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, another D.C. lapdog who finds the real problem is a former president, not the One who’s been in office for five long years. “It’s clear,” Robinson writes, “that the Bush administration did not foresee how the Iraq experience would constrain future presidents in their use of military force .”

That’s it. Obama can’t do anything but make empty threats that embarrass himself and his country while dealing with a murderous Arab dictator – because George W. Bush kept his word (and U.S. honor) by getting rid of another murderous Arab dictator.

Obama can’t help it, the poor thing. His hands are tied.

This is the American press.  An institution the Founders considered so vital for the cause of liberty that its freedom is guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

In the Obama years, it’s covered itself in disgrace.

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