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Krauthammer: Ask Obama if fences don’t work why does he have one around the WH

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Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer told Hugh Hewitt on his Friday night show that immigration reform is inevitable, but border security must remain its triggering mechanism. Unless our borders are secure there can by no “pathway to citizenship.”

“My feeling is that Democrats give lip service to enforcement, because all they care about is legalization,” he said, according to The Daily Caller.

Later into the interview, Krauthammer remarked, “a fence from left to right, from east to west, except obviously the mountainous areas. We know that fences work.”

In answer to critics from the left that fences are a waste of money, he added, “If the president tells you fences don’t work, ask him why he’s got one around the White House.”

Read more at The Daily Caller and read entire transcript at The Hugh Hewitt Show.



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