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New information points to possible 3rd suspect in Boston bombing

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There are new developments in the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing. Fox News chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported  Friday the bombs may not have used cell phone detonators, but instead contained a “line of sight” speed controller from a remote control toy car as the trigger.

Boston Marathon Explosion
Photo Credit CBSNews.com

A national security source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said one or both of the brothers could have used the controller to detonate the bombs, but would not rule out a third person being involved. Herridge said investigators are examining evidence found at the site, along with the Tsarnaev brothers’ computers, in an attempt to gain more information.

Herridge noted that this type of bomb-making process is generally not included in the Al Qaeda propaganda magazine Inspire, which the brothers were rumored to have used for how-to information on bomb-making.

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck has been researching the possibility of the involvement of a third person for over a week, gathering information on a Saudi national who was reportedly injured at the site of the bombing.

Watch the Fox News report here.

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