More security than stars expected at White House correspondents dinner

While most of the nation neither knows nor cares about Saturday evening’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, it’s considered a very big deal to folks in the beltway. So here’s a quick preview.

The Time/People 20# swag bag. Photo credit Washington Post

The annual gathering is “what passes for a star-studded event in normally humdrum Washington, D.C.,” according to CBS news, and includes “political journalists, power players, and celebrities who apparently made a wrong turn on the way to Los Angeles.”

Although fewer Hollywood-types are expected this year, Lindsay Lohan and some of the Kardashians are recent attendees. This may give you some idea as to the seriousness of the event. Another indication may be the 20-pound swag bag pictured here that will be handed out to everyone at the Time/People cocktail party according to The Washington Post.

But the evening’s highlight is the presidential roast. Tonight it’ll be Conan O’Brien doing the roasting, and we can only pray he does a better job of holding President Obama‘s feet to the fire than the mainstream media — all in good fun, of course.

Watch the following video from TheHill, and keep in touch for video on the evening’s highlights.


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