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Colorado voter registration: No ID, no problem

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According to Revealing Politics’ Brandon Morse, Colorado is now considering a bill that would allow for voter registration on the same day one actually casts his ballot. So he set out to discover just how difficult it is to actually register. The answer? No ID, no problem.

What’s the big deal with showing ID? Photo credit www.csmonitor.com
As the video’s description states, “if Brandon had done this on election day, he would have subsequently been given a ballot and could have voted.”

A Denver Post editorial dated Apr. 17 asks “What’s the rush on same-day voter registration in Colorado?” Although admitting Colorado is in need of election reform, it calls for a slower, more cautious approach.

According to its website, “Revealing Politics is a 501(c)4 organization. That means we exist to educate the citizenry about all things political, but we also embrace that we approach topics from a free-market paradigm.”


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