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Video: Michelle Malkin wins 2013 Breitbart Award

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Syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin has been awarded the second annual “Breitbart Award.”

Former Sen. Jim DeMint, president of Heritage Foundation, and Franklin Center President Jason Stverak presented Malkin with the award at the Krieble Dinner on Thursday at the Omni Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Breitbart Award was created in the spirit of the late Andrew Breitbart and honors those who advocate for the truth.

Every voice counts,” Malkin said in receiving the award. “Social media is not just for correcting false narratives, it’s for telling suppressed narratives.”

The conservative firebrand is a major player in changing the way Americans consume their news through the creation of three successful conservative blogs — MichelleMalkin.com, Hot Air (now owned by Salem Communications), and Twitchy , as noted by the Heritage Foundation.

Erik Telford, vice president of strategic initiatives and communications at the Franklin Center, spoke of these traits:

Michelle Malkin is a champion in the pursuit of truth and accountability who has tirelessly worked to expose corruption and waste in government. She never hesitates to speak truth to power, debate issues that the mainstream media and political insiders would prefer to sweep under the rug, and empower citizens to join in her cause. Her work exemplifies Andrew Breitbart’s fiery spirit and advances his legacy.

Malkin has held politicians on both sides of the aisle accountable, Breitbart.com reports, and has not given politicians a pass for straying from first principles or putting the country at risk because they have an “R” next to their names.

View the award presentation and Malkin’s keynote address below (be patient, as the lead-in is long).

The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity was founded in 2009 to be a government watchdog and train reporters to expose waste, fraud, and abuse in local and state government. The Heritage Foundation is the nation’s most broadly supported public policy research institute.

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