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Obama addresses Planned Parenthood: ‘God bless you’

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President Barack Obama at times sounded combative during what was the first speech by a sitting president to Planned Parenthood on Friday. At several points he seemed to take a swipe at pro-life activists.

“No matter how great the challenge, no matter how fierce the opposition, there’s one thing that the past few years have shown,” he said. “Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere. It’s not going anywhere today. It’s not going anywhere tomorrow.”

He continued: “As long as we’ve got to fight to make sure women have access to quality affordable healthcare, and as long as we’ve got to fight to protect a women’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you’ve also got a president who’s going to be with you fighting with you every step of the way.”

At one point when the president received a standing ovation, he quipped “You’re making me blush.”

Obama neglected to mention either the Philadelphia Gosnell murder trial or the Florida House committee testimony in which a Planned Parenthood representative said the decision as to whether a baby born as the result of a botched abortion should be left to the mother and the abortionist.

He did, however, tell the crowd of approximately 1,000, representing the largest purveyor of abortions in the world, “God bless you.”


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