Anthony Weiner: ‘More embarrassing pics out there than you can shake a stick at’

Anthony Weiner
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Smut alert! Parents may want to shield the eyes of their progeny, Anthony Weiner has renewed his account on Twitter and admits that there may be more lewd pictures of him than you can “shake a stick at.”

The disgraced former congressman from New York can attribute his downfall to the social media site after he “tweeted” crotch shots of himself to women he met on line, as reported by WPIX.

Yet, in spite of this embarrassment, it seems an obsession with power has Weiner considering a run for mayor of New York City.

In a recent interview with the New York Times magazine, Weiner denied that he had an “overriding desire” to run for office, but then added: “To some degree, it’s now or maybe never for me, in terms of running for something.”

Of course, “now or never” is a reference to the name recognition he has built up over time.

Weiner did acknowledge during an interview with WPIX on Wednesday that he sent inappropriate messages to six women, possible more, and suggested that there are more lewd photos of him than you can “shake a stick at.” Pun unintended, I’m sure:

“I did these things over an extended period of time with more than one person. There are more embarrassing pictures out there than you can shake a stick at. I am very sorry for being dishonest.  I shouldn’t have done those things.”

Nontheless, having already proven the inability to forgo sudden impulses, the call of power, and pollsters, have him convinced he could be a viable candidate for mayor.

As for his past behavior, Weiner said, “Don’t judge me on this moment. Ask me questions about it, but judge me on the fullness of my career.”

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