School board in Fla. votes to resume paddling of students

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Spare the rod and spoil the child?

Not if you live in Marion County, Florida. The school board voted Tuesday to add “paddling” back into the code of conduct after a three-year absence.

The board ruled that paddling can only be used at the elementary school level and can only be used on a child once a semester, according to the Ocala Banner. A parent must give written approval once a year and the principal must obtain verbal permission at the time of punishment.

The decision is sure to have trial lawyers salivating as principals will again have the discretion to use corporal punishment for misbehaving students.

Superintendent of Schools George Tomyn told the Banner he is not sure how much the district’s liability insurance will rise if the board added paddling back to the code of conduct.

As an example of what’s to come, concern has already been expressed that corporal punishment could end up being used disproportionately on minority students, the Banner reported.

Which means if you’re a white kid with a tendency to misbehave and you live in Marion County, it may be in your interest to start leaving real estate brochures from neighboring counties lying around the house.

All in all, it’s hard to imagine this will go over well in today’s namby-pamby, politically correct world.

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