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Letter to the Editor: Self-reporting is the answer to immigration

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Immigrant with FlagAlthough I voted for Sen. Marco Rubio, his position on illegal immigration leaves me very disappointed, to say the least. We are a nation of laws, not men, and his attempt to personalize illegal immigrants’ individual stories and justify their presence runs afoul of those laws, making the proposed exceptions the new rule.

Here is the plan I am suggesting:

The U.S. government should announce that all illegal immigrants have six months to self-report. They must register as being here illegally in the states where they reside. They must report their address, their employment and any arrests and convictions. They must report their education, and list welfare payments they have received. They must give us copies of any and all identification, report assumed names and come clean on any identity theft they have committed.

They must report how they entered the United States. There will be no promises of amnesty. There will be no promises of any “pathway to citizenship.” The only promise is that if they do not self-report by the deadline, they would not qualify for future sanctions for those who do self-report.

Only when we have a real count and understanding of the location of those who self-report can the United States convene a constitutional convention to debate the issue and discuss the disposition of those here illegally who have come out of the shadows. Those who remain without self-reporting are subject to immediate deportation. Should they return, they would be incarcerated in desert camps behind a 30-foot high wall.

Rubio has insulted every legal U.S. immigrant with his feeble pandering and “go along to get along” “Gang of Eight” deal. I would welcome the opportunity to personally debate the issue with the senator. I’m here legally and easy to find, and I’m not running for political office.

Ed Riordan

Winter Springs, FL


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