Virtually all physicians walked out of Obamacare session at national conference

Ophthalmologists from across the country walked out of a session on Obamacare Sunday during a national conference being held in San Francisco.

Twitchy reported ophthalmologist Dr. Kris Held sent live-tweets from the “Government relations” session on “implementing and complying with Obamacare,” saying virtually all the physicians walked out of the speech in disgust.

obamacare tweets

obamacare tweets

obamacare tweets

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obamacare tweets


H/T: Twitchy

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172 thoughts on “Virtually all physicians walked out of Obamacare session at national conference

  1. JustPaPa60 says:

    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian."…Henry Ford

  2. Adrian says:

    Our government has been going steadily downhill for years. Obama is a Muslim puppet out to kill America and all Americans. He and his minions are responsible for all the terrorists attacks. If he can keep us fighting among ourselves, we will not notice what he and his cohorts are doing. They have successfully ruined our whole financial system starting with the 9-11 tragedy which our government was responsible. Neither the Republicans or Democrats are telling the truth. Wake up America, we are being made into a military ruled nation with no freedoms and will live as the poor in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afganistan, and so many other nations do! That's been the plan for a long time. There are 11 richest people in the world who are running the world their way. But there is one thing they haven't counted on. There is a God and He will come and set everything straight the way He intended from the beginning. Those who hate will go to hell and those who really love will spend eternity with our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They know their time to be judged is coming soon and they're doing all they can to make these last days of earth miserable for those who believe.

  3. Travis says:

    Wow really people need to look how having not for profit hospitals being on the stock market and insurance companys being on the stock market and drug companys. They all are affiliated in some way either a subsidiary or personal interest I.e stocks in eachothers companys. Also politicians owning stock and have interest in speculation. Wake up slavery hasn't it has just been updated by lawyers and banks and stockholders stepping on our heads why were drowning. By the way there's many other professions that technical and neverending training that have lifes in there hands everyday sometimes hundred and there not paid a fraction of a doctors pay.

  4. Travis says:

    Slavery hasnt ended!

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