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Twitter leaves TV news media in the dust on breaking events

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Anyone following the capture of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers last week knows that there was more information flying around on Twitter at 2:00 am on Friday than anything you could get from the television or regular news media. In a panel discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Mediaite columnist Joe Concha said that traditional news media “felt so slow” compared to Twitter’s up-to-date instant news.

“Is Twitter and other social media sites, are they putting pressure on the media?” host Howard Kurtz asked. “Are they adding to what the media are able to report? Because, after all, there are only so many journalists in every newsroom.”

“I would say there are now six news networks,” Concha said. “There’s CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, and Twitter.”

Daily Beast columnist Lauren Ashburn said that Twitter is a great tool for “our ADD minds.” Ashburn noted that Twitter doesn’t consist of mainly journalists, so that any information gathered there could be suspect.

Watch the panel discussion from CNN via Mediaite here.


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