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Obamas to attend Dem. fundraiser in Texas, no plans to visit disaster

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texas explosion
photo credit: Politic365

UPDATE 1 p.m. Monday: CNN reports breaking news that Obama will now be attending a memorial for victims of the Texas blast.

While the shredded town of West, Texas, is still mourning the deaths of 14 people, including 11 emergency service workers, the Obamas will be nearby for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Dallas, according to the WhiteHouseDossier.com.

The community is still tending to at least 200 wounded and cleaning up from the devastation of the massive explosion that occurred five days ago at a fertilizer plant.

I hope townspeople know not to prepare a welcome, as the first couple has no plans at this time to visit the disaster.

Obama has sent money and well wishes to the rural area, where up to 75 homes and an apartment complex were reportedly damaged.

PJ Media  reported Texas GOP Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz toured the region on Friday.

Cornyn reportedly told Cruz via Twitter that it was unlikely the president would schedule a stop, even though the town of West is only 80 miles south of Dallas, where the first couple will be spending Wednesday night, said the Dossier article.

Obama’s Thursday schedule also includes a dedication ceremony for the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

I guess there was no time in between the Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Wednesday  and the Planned Parenthood gala in Washington on Thursday night to attended the memorial for 10 volunteer firefighters reportedly taking place on Thursday.

After all, the president is a busy man. Important matters, you know.


Michele Kirk


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