Video: Stoner shooting at peaceful pot-smokers rally

4 20 pot rally
Photo Credit: Denver Post

Dude.  They were in the park in Denver smokin’ weed and gettin’ high, you know? And then like, “pow-pow-pow-pow,” yeah. And like, two people were, you know, shot, man.

So said the stoners at the 4/20 pot rally in Denver’s Civic Center Park on Saturday, the first rally since marijuana became legal in Colorado.

The peaceful marijuana celebration day was interrupted when shots rang out around 5 p.m., injuring three people and a poor dog, of all things, ABC Denver reported.

According to the report, a man and woman between the ages of 20-30 were both shot in the leg, and Denver police tweeted their injuries are “non life-threatening.”

The article continued:

A third victim, a juvenile, was grazed by a bullet and walked into a nearby hospital, police tweeted.

A dog, belonging to one of the victims, also appeared to have been grazed or shot and was seen limping from the scene. Several other people suffered some minor injuries from running or being trampled, according to witnesses who talked to 7NEWS.

Police are looking for two men in connection with the shooting, asking witnesses to come forward with photos, video or information.

The problem police are facing is that the pot-toking potential witnesses all ran from the scene in panic.

Some statements from stoners to 7NEWS:

“I didn’t see it, but I could hear ‘boom, boom, boom,’ and I could see everybody just trampling and running,” the witness responded.

Another witness said,  “We heard somebody yell, ‘Gun!’ then a wave of people came.”

“A gush of people just came running.  We were like, ‘Whoa.’  People were dropping stuff,” another witness added.

And, so like, police, rally organizers and park officials have cancelled the rest of the 4/20 cannabis consumption festivities for the rest of the weekend.


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And a look into what police face as they question people for information:

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