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Did CNN headline indict Islam?

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There are many Americans who believe that Islam breeds violence, and given the story that CNN published Saturday, one is left wondering if a CNN copy editor is one of them.

The story, Older brother in Boston bombings grew increasingly religious, analysis shows, catalogs Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s growing commitment to Islam, and his increasing radicalization.

The headline sounds like it could have been written by an Islamic watchdog site like Pamela Gelller’s Atlas Shrugs  or Debbie Schlussel. Though it doesn’t say it straight out, the headline certainly suggests that Tsarnaev’s religious bent influenced his terrorist acts.

Americans are lectured daily by mainstream liberal media outlets like CNN that Islam is a peaceful religion and only a small percentage of Muslims commit or support terrorist acts.

In the post-reformation, post-enlightenment world of Western civilization, “becoming more religious” has always been seen as a positive development for society, and the individual.

The more religious they become, the more Catholics, Jews and Christians of all denominations strive to lead a better life and help others.

Is this not the case with Islam?

That’s exactly what the CNN headline implies.

Reporters rarely write their own headlines, and the CNN piece is a solid piece of journalism for what it is. But the headline leaves the aware reader wondering if somewhere in the bowels of CNN lurks a copy editor who is fed up with the left’s coddling of Islam, and the terrorists it produces.


Jack Furnari


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