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Chechen president blames suspects’ American upbringing for terror

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Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov blamed the two alleged Boston Marathon terrorist bombers’ American upbringing for their activities, and also criticized U.S. authorities for killing one of the two Chechen-born men.

Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov critical of US. Photo credit www.paulickreport.com

“Tragic events have taken place in Boston” he wrote in an Insrtagram. “A terrorist attack killed people. We have already expressed our condolences to the people of the city and to the American people. Today, the media reports, one Tsarnaev was killed as [police] tried to arrest him. It would be appropriate if he was detained and investigated, and the circumstances and the extent of his guilt determined. Apparently, the security services needed to calm down the society by any means necessary,” as reported by Buzzfeed.

“Any attempt to draw a connection between Chechnya and Tsarnaevs — if they are guilty — is futile. They were raised in the United States, and their attitudes and beliefs were formed there. It is necessary to seek the roots of this evil in America. The whole world must struggle against terrorism — that we know better than anyone else. We hope for the recovery of all the victims, and we mourn with the Americans.”

The two men used explosives and shrapnel packed inside pressure cookers for their improvised devices, a common practice of al-Qaeda. Furthermore, Islamic extremist videos were found on the men’s computer.


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