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Sharpton explodes, says ‘dark-skinned male’ is ‘coded, offensive language’

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The Reverenced Al Sharpton went on a tirade on MSNBC Wednesday over a CNN news update by reporter John King.

“I was told by one of these sources, who is a law enforcement official, that this was a dark-skinned male,” he said of the supposed suspect in the case.

“Dark-skinned male? Coded, offensive language,” he shouted.

“These comments are very offensive,” Sharpton said. “They have no place in our discourse.”

King was only reporting the news as was reported to him. Would Sharpton been as offended if King said, “white-skinned male”?

“What King’s words did is to make every dark-skinned male in Boston a suspect, and that’s shameful,” Sharpton concluded.

King prefaced his remarks with, “I want to be very careful about this, because people get very sensitive.”

Apparently no one as sensitive as Sharpton, who should spend less time worrying about the color of his skin, and more worrying about its thickness.

Watch the video below. H/T Mediaire.


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