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Poll: Should states follow Florida’s lead and enact ‘anti-Sharia law’ legislation?

A bill to keep foreign laws out of Florida courtrooms passed in the Florida House Thursday after some push back from the Democrats who questioned whether it […]

New tax code would give Americans vested interest

The tax filing deadline earlier this week makes this an opportune time to discuss taxation in America. A progressive shibboleth is that some Americans don’t pay their fair share of […]

Boston Bruin Anthem
Emotional Bruins fans sing Anthem, chant ‘we are Boston’

The Boston Bruins’ home game against the Buffalo Sabres on Wednesday night was the first major sporting event in city since the bombings that killed three and […]

BizPac Review
FBI uses surveillance, cell phone logs to track 2 persons of interest

Update: The Daily Mail reported Thursday afternoon that one of the men in the following photo  is a Moroccan born teenager from Massachusetts who was just an […]

sharia law
Fla. Dems continue to question need for anti-Sharia law bill

TALLAHASSEE — A bill to keep foreign laws out of Florida courtrooms advanced in the Florida House Wednesday after a series of Democrats questioned whether it is […]

Texas fertilizer plant explosion
Eyewitness captures chilling video of Texas fertilizer plant explosion

A horrific explosion at a fertilizer plant in the small Texas town of West has injured hundreds and as many as 70 people are feared dead. The […]

Amanda Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher’s Texas granddaughter stole spotlight at funeral

Who knew that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had a 19-year-old granddaughter living in the United States, and in Texas no less. Amanda Thatcher stole the spotlight […]

Angry Obama
Angry Obama declares ‘shameful day for America’ after gun bill defeated

After the Manchin-Toomey gun legislation failed to pass in the Senate Wednesday afternoon, an angry President Obama appeared in the White House Rose Garden for a speech […]