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Sen. Cruz posts video of Harry Reid’s Freudian firearm slip

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Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex., introduced a gun bill on Monday co-sponsored by a group of 10 Republicans, which is seen as an alternative to the Manchin-Toomey compromise bill currently scheduled for debate in the Senate on Wednesday, according to The Hill. Many of the co-sponsors had pledged to filibuster attempts to pass gun control earlier in the month.

The measure would “expand background checks on gun purchases, crack down on gun trafficking and beef up security in schools.”

While Sens. Manchin and Toomey have been working to garner support for their bill, it doesn’t appear that they have the 60 votes required for it to pass.

Earlier on Tuesday, Cruz captured Sen. Harry Reid in a rare moment of honesty on video, while speaking on the proposed bill calling it “anti-gun legislation”, then Cruz posted it on YouTube.

“On the anti-gun legislation before the Senate, we are making good progress on the effort to schedule a series of votes on amendments to the anti-gun-violence legislation before the Senate,” Reid said.

See Cruz’s video of Reid here.


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