Rush: Media will ‘circle the wagons’ if Muslim behind Boston bombing

As ideologues on the left continue to speculate that right-wing extremists are behind the Boston Marathon bombing, radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh predicts the media will “circle the wagon” to protect Islam if the person responsible turns out to be a Muslim.

If you are a Muslim, and it turns out that a Muslim did bomb the Boston Marathon, how do you feel? I daresay that if you are a Muslim, you can be pretty certain…that everybody in the media will circle the wagons, and say, ‘This is not because of Islam.’”

“There was a race in the media to make sure that nobody jumped to the gun and racially profiled,” Limbaugh added. “Nobody thinks this has anything to do with al Qaeda, nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, nothing to do with Muslims.”

…”While at the same time speculating that this has to be come right-wing group.”


Tom Tillison


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