Looters steal jackets from Boston Marathon as victims lay injured

It may take you a moment to process what you’re seeing on the following video, but it can only be described as humanity at its worst.

The video, which is making its way around the Internet, shows looters taking jackets from a marathon kiosk after Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings.

While the news reporters describe the chaos and destruction of the bombing scene, people are seen digging through boxes of marathon jackets, checking sizes, and tucking their new free, albeit stolen, merchandise under their arms and walking away.

It’s particularly noteworthy to read the description posted with this YouTube video:

Several Youtube viewers wrote comments suggesting that the alleged looters were simply volunteers helping to distribute the jackets. However, other attendants to the marathon pointed out that every volunteer at the race was required to wear a neon yellow/green jacket along with a lanyard. Police officers, emergency medical technicians and firefighters on the scene were also required to wear a yellow/green vest. A number of people in the video can be seen carefully examining the sizes of jackets.

Even if these people had no idea in this era of cell phones and texting that two bombs just exploded at the finish line, they are still stealing.

God save this country.

Watch these callous people looting at the Boston Marathon:


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