Conspiracy theorists go viral with ‘man on roof’ photo

A Boston Marathon bombing photo snapped by college student Dan Lampariello has gone viral and sent conspiracy theorists abuzz in social media circles. The photo, taken moments after the second explosion, shows a mystery man walking across the roof of a building not far from the scene of the blast, according to Mediaite.

Lampariello’s tweet of the photo has gained worldwide attention:

Man on roof pic


While it doesn’t seem odd that someone would watch an event such as the marathon from a rooftop, many see the nature of his actions as a sign he was somehow involved in the bombing.

Man on roof pic closer
Photo credit: Mediaite

During a press briefing on Tuesday, a reporter questioned Boston FBI Director Richard DesLauriers about the mysterious figure. DesLauriers asked that any photographs that could help the investigation should be submitted to authorities, but did not comment directly on that specific photo.

Watch DesLauriers response here via Mediaite.


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