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Barney Frank comments on bombing: ‘Not the end of the world’

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A former Massachusetts congressman referred to media coverage of the Boston Marathon finish line bombing as “hyperbolic” and the attack itself as “not the end of the world.”

When former Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass. appeared on MSNBC Tuesday, anchor Thomas Roberts invited Frank to deliver an optimistic message to “the people of Boston, the People of Massachusetts.”

“I think that it’s greatly hyperbolic,” Frank answered. “This is awful, people died and they deserve — their families — great sympathy. People are injured, they deserve the best we can give them, but this isn’t the end of the world. We’re not Afghanistan, we’re not Iraq.”

Wrote Mediaite’s Jordan Charlton, “Barney, tell the parents who lost their eight-year-old son ‘This isn’t the end of the world,’ or tell the still-unknown number of runners and bystanders, who as a reward for months of training and/or supporting a friend or family member, had one or both their legs amputated.”

Then astonishingly, Frank did what Frank has always done best — he politicized the event.

“I hope that we will be able to find some revenue so that Boston doesn’t have to pay for this absolutely necessary expenditure by cutting back on other important services down the line,” he said.

Roberts called Frank out on this statement.

“Do you feel like you’re capitalizing and making political hay of this event that happened?” the MSNBC anchor asked.

“I’m talking common sense,” Frank replied. “I’m saying that, if the sequester had gone through and we had not had enough money, we couldn’t be able to do this. I’m making an argument about reality, and that’s the only responsible response.”

Watch the exchange below. H/T Mediaite.


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