7-year-old banned from talent show, act deemed offensive

Very few seven-year-olds are politically correct, and probably couldn’t even explain the concept. But one first grader from Michigan is finding out about it the hard way – his school has banned him from the annual talent show for being offensive.

Erich Henze is a typical first grader at Violet Elementary School in St. Claire Shores. His talent is “body farts”, and he was excited about performing in the show, according to MyFoxDetroit.com.

“Body Farts by Erich Henze. He can armpit fart. He can leg fart, neck fart, ear fart. It’s a pretty good act. Really funny,” his mom, Emily Henze said. “I got a call from the principal yesterday morning. She informed me that bodily noises were inappropriate and would not be acceptable in the talent show.”

The superintendent is backing the principal, who says “there’s a time and place for everything.”

“Everybody takes things so serious. We’re talking about a seven-year-old and armpit farts. There could be so many other worse things, and I don’t agree with her decision, and I think I have hundreds and hundreds of people that stand behind the way I think.”

Given the proximity to Detroit, there are many worse things a seven-year-old could be doing which would warrant scrutiny. As for now, Erich will just watch the show from the audience.

“I don’t think anyone would be offended. I don’t think anyone would do anything but laugh,” his mom said.

See the MyFoxDetroit.com report here.

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