Peter King
Rep. King’s odd suggestions to prevent future bombings

In the wake of attacks such as we’ve seen in Boston this week, politicians always respond with the desire to “do something.” Never mind whether it addresses […]

Boston police
CNN incorrectly reports arrest made in Boston Marathon bombing

Developing: UPDATE: CNN has retracted its initial claim and said no arrests were made. CNN’s John King and Wolf Blitzer reported an arrest has been made in […]

Frank on MSNBC
Barney Frank comments on bombing: ‘Not the end of the world’

A former Massachusetts congressman referred to media coverage of the Boston Marathon finish line bombing as “hyperbolic” and the attack itself as “not the end of the […]

Ricin poison attempt on President Obama, others causing fear in DC

In a developing story Wednesday morning, a letter addressed to President Obama tested positive for the deadly ricin poison. And Fox News is now reporting a “suspicious […]

Joe Biden
Biden’s al-Qaida intelligence brief : Coincidence or fib?

In the latest example, this week, of the progressive left’s belief that the ends justify the means, Vice President Joe Biden appears to have been caught playing […]

marathon looters
Looters steal jackets from Boston Marathon as victims lay injured

It may take you a moment to process what you’re seeing on the following video, but it can only be described as humanity at its worst. The […]

Boston Hero
The man in the cowboy hat: An American hero in Boston

One of the most graphic images of the aftermath of Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon is of a man who appears to have lost both of […]

Erich Henze talent show
7-year-old banned from talent show, act deemed offensive

Very few seven-year-olds are politically correct, and probably couldn’t even explain the concept. But one first grader from Michigan is finding out about it the hard way […]

London security
London on edge as security prepares for weekend marathon

As officials are still combing through rubble of the bombing in Boston, authorities in London are scrambling to prepare for their own marathon scheduled for Sunday. In […]

obamacare scary movie
Obamacare coming soon to a theater near you

Obamacare has hit the silver screen and it’s coming soon to a theater near you.  Regal Entertainment Group, which operates under Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theaters and […]

Man on roof pic closer
Conspiracy theorists go viral with ‘man on roof’ photo

A Boston Marathon bombing photo snapped by college student Dan Lampariello has gone viral and sent conspiracy theorists abuzz in social media circles. The photo, taken moments […]

teacher with gun
Fla. law to arm teachers advances despite Democrats’ objections

Armed teachers could be on their way to Florida school campuses. A bill to allow school principals  to designate school employees to carry concealed weapons for security […]