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Unexplainable incompetence: Kerry bonds with Asia over global warming

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Tensions have been mounting for weeks in the Korean peninsula, all due to the saber rattling of a young, inexperienced and untested North Korean dictator. Secretary of State John Kerry flew to China, North Korea’s only ally of note, ostensibly to ward off a possible nuclear war, and talked about — global warming?

Focus Kerry, focus. Photo credit www.breitbart.com

Meeting with Chinese officials in Beijing, thoughts of North Korean troops invading its neighbor to the south took second fiddle to a threat Kerry deemed more immediate — “anthropogenic” global warming. And he and his hosts agreed that discussion of the issue would send a “significant message” globally, according to CNSNews.com.

“We are seeing the science of climate change come back to us now at a rate that is far faster and with far greater levels of damage than anything that scientists predicted 10, 15, 20 years ago,” Kerry said. “Every prediction that has been made is coming true, but coming true bigger and more dangerously.”

Sounding like a true Al Gore acolyte, Kerry claimed the science on global warming is settled and the time for debate is over.

“The two countries took special note of the overwhelming scientific consensus about anthropogenic climate change and its worsening impacts, including the sharp rise in global average temperatures over the past century, the alarming acidification of our oceans, the rapid loss of Arctic sea ice, and the striking incidence of extreme weather events occurring all over the world,” according to the joint US-China Statement on Climate Change.

The fact is, scientists have been predicting these changes for decades, much like fundamentalists have been predicting the end of days. And just like the fundamentalists, when the dates come and go, they simply wipe the egg off their face and make another prediction.

In 1972, scientists predicted the Arctic would be fully ice-free by 2000. It didn’t happen.

In 2007, NASA climate scientist Jay Zwally said, “At this rate, the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012, much faster than previous predictions.” Polar bears are still cavorting on the ice.

Finally, temperatures worldwide have been flatlined for over a decade.

But that’s not the real problem. The most immediate, pressing situation — the one that threatens world peace — is centered on events taking place in North Korea. That’s the one Kerry was hired to take care of.

Kerry reminds me of the guy who’s worried about wallpaper patterns for his bedroom while his house is on fire.

Forget global warming, Kerry — our house is on fire.

Read more at CNSNews.com.


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