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Rubio responds to tea party angst, ‘I will not relent’ on immigration

Marco Rubio
Photo Credit Floridalatinconnection.org

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In response to plans by some in the tea party to voice their displeasure with immigration reform at several of his state offices Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio opted to “respond personally” on where he stands on immigration reform.

“Over the years, the patriot movement and I have worked together on many issues and I want to respond personally to correct some misinformation regarding my involvement in the work to reform our country’s broken immigration system,” the statement read.

Saying there is “absolutely no truth” that he will support immigration legislation that is “rushed through Washington in the typical fashion,” Rubio points to his efforts to secure commitments to greater transparency to allow for “ample opportunities to review and amend any legislation before it is considered by the full senate.”

“I will not relent from the ongoing fight to ensure the people’s voices are heard before any votes are cast on this important government reform,” Rubio stated.

He then lists two simple goals:

1.  I want to participate in the debate and help influence any immigration reform legislation in order to ensure that common sense limited government principles are applied.

2.  I will not support anything that makes our immigration system worse, that does not truly and legitimately secure our borders, or lead to further illegal immigration in the future.

Rubio does enjoy the support of some prominent tea party leaders in Florida on the immigration issue, to include Henry Kelley of the Fort Walton Beach Tea Party.

“Round them up and throw them out is not a strategy,” Kelley said.

“Especially when you factor in children who were born here and consider themselves Americans first,” he adds. “I am glad to see Sen. Rubio at least working to make a positive reform to a complex problem, and we as citizens should also take the time to understand the details in the bill before we pass judgement.”


Tom Tillison


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