It’s not a tragedy, Mr. President, it’s a terror attack

Three years ago, President Barack Obama declared the “war on terror” over, and he’s been trying to convince us ever since. Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly isn’t buying it.

O’Reilly dedicated the Monday night “Talking Points” segment of his show to the president’s choice of language in describing the multiple bombings that rocked the finish line area of the annual Boston Marathon:

“[P]resident Obama has addressed the nation and promised justice, but he made one mistake. The president called the attack ‘a tragedy.’ It was not. It was a vile act of violence designed to kill innocent people, including children. I was just in Boston yesterday, and this makes me sick. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Perhaps it’s a coincidence but this week marks the anniversary of attacks in Oklahoma City, Columbine, Colorado, and Virginia Tech, also the Waco assault in 1993.”




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