Van Jones turns on Obama: ‘Mr. President, this is not change we can believe in’

A former Obama administration czar blasted the president’s proposed budget in a CNN commentary last thursday, claiming that it’s “not change we can believe in.”

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“Bad ideas from a great president are still bad ideas,” Van Jones, former “Green Jobs Czar” wrote, “Everyone who pulled the lever for Obama in November should call the White House today, and say simply, ‘Mr. President, this is not change we can believe in.’”

Jones left his position with the White House after claims surfaced that he was a 9/11 truther.

CNS NEWS’ Penny Starr wrote:

The “bad idea” Jones is referring to is changing the way inflation is calculated from the Standard Price Index to the Chained Price Index, which would translate into a slower rate of increase in Social Security payments.

“Democrats spend so much time defending President Obama, it is easy to forget that even the most beloved presidents make mistakes and missteps,” Jones wrote. “His new budget, which proposes a method of calculating inflation that will reduce increases in Social Security payments is a doozy.”

“Switching to the chained CPI, which will reduce deficits and improve Social Security solvency, has been proposed in almost every major bipartisan deficit reduction plan put forward over the past several years, including the Bowles-Simpson Fiscal Commission plan, the Bipartisan ‘Gang of Six’ plan, and the Domenici-Rivlin Bipartisan Policy Center plan,” the president’s budget states.

Congress knows just how Jones feels. They’ve been rejecting the president’s budgets also — although for totally different reasons.

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