Pro-gun shirt that got Ingraham’s attention at NRA NASCAR race

A new NRA 500 fashion trend is taking the conservative nation by storm this Monday morning.

gun control tshirt

Photo Credit: Shield Tactical

The Shield Tactical brand tee shirt some second amendment, fashion savvy fans wore to the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway Saturday reads, “Shove Gun Control Up Your” – followed by a  perfectly placed picture of an ass – the Democrat donkey.

Laura Ingraham spotted these awesome tee shirts at the controversial NRA sponsored NASCAR race this past weekend and yes, you will want one, too!

Democrats and liberals had a complete meltdown that the NRA sponsored the NASCAR race, with one U.S. Senator calling on Fox to “pull the plug on its broadcast,” BizPac Review reported Saturday.

Twitchy reported Ingraham’s tweets from the event:

NRA 500 NASCAR race

NRA 500 NASCAR race

NRA 500 NASCAR race


Needless to say, gun loving, second amendment supporting fans want these tee shirts:

NRA 500 NASCAR race

NRA 500 NASCAR race


Twitchy reported #NRA500 trended Saturday evening during the race:

NRA 500 NASCAR race

Janeen Capizola

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10 thoughts on “Pro-gun shirt that got Ingraham’s attention at NRA NASCAR race

  1. Bruce Parker says:

    Please help support Shield Tactical as they are on the cutting edge of the Second Ammendment battle! Buy one of their Tshirts today!…

    1. Janeen Capizola says:

      Buy one? More like buying 50!! Please visit BizPac Review's Freedom Gun photo gallery and see all our 2nd Amendment supporters, as well!

  2. Greg says:

    Here is the link to Shield Tactical's shirts.

  3. Doug Hanks says:

    We're going to wear ours to church.

  4. Dick Kinkead says:

    Their website's totally jammed up. Try later or late tonight. I so want one of these!

    If, by magic, I could get one by noon, I'd wear it up to the Tea Party gathering at Marco Rubio's Gardens office in an hour.

  5. Dick Kinkead says:

    NASCAR's going left. The pace car is an Obamamobile.

  6. Cody Ellsworth says:

    Haha, you're definitely a neo-con (fake conservative).

  7. Irish-7 says:

    I bought these shirts from Shield Tactical the first time that I saw them on Facebook. The design on the front (Shield Tactical emblem) is cool, too. We have not posted a picture yet. But, we certainly plan on sharing this patriotic design. We are still deciding the weapons that we want to display: Bushmaster M4 or Ruger Mini-14? Mossberg 930 SPX or Remington 870? Colt Gold Cup M1911A1 or Smith & Wesson Governor. Walther PK-380 or Sig Sauer P238? Perhaps all of them?

  8. Jeff Del Guercio says:

    Excellent shirts!

    Very proud to be NRA members and love racing!

    Glad no one backed down!

    America has spoken! Politicians were told that if they betray us and mess with our Guns Rights, we will vote them out!

  9. Dick Kinkead says:

    Got mine! Very nice small-town Texas folks run company.

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