ambulance at PP
Planned Parenthood clinic faces gross charges

A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic has closed its doors, at least temporarily, until it has cleaned up its act of unsafe operating conditions. A string of 9-1-1 […]

Obama: ‘You don’t put stuff on your head if you’re president’

President Obama was presenting the Commander-in-Chief’s trophy to the Navy football team in the East Room on Friday, when two of the players handed him a custom-fitted […]

Ingraham at NRA 500
Pro-gun shirt that got Ingraham’s attention at NRA NASCAR race

A new NRA 500 fashion trend is taking the conservative nation by storm this Monday morning. The Shield Tactical brand tee shirt some second amendment, fashion savvy […]

Marco Rubio catches Potomac Fever

It’s called Potomac Fever. Senator Marco Rubio – seduced by the establishment – is leading the charge for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Rubio took the April 14 […]

You May Already Be a Loser ad strikes a nerve

Just in time for tax day, April 15, a clever new ad has appeared that illustrates the enormity of our national debt — and it’s not getting […]

Nazi line
Bergstein’s ‘Wooden Block of Soap’ award

In Nazi concentration camps, Jews and other prisoners had to be duped into entering gas chambers naked, after their jewelry had been removed. To maintain order, the […]

North Korea video
N. Korea releases video of missiles hitting LA, New York, DC

The North Korean government released video on its website over the weekend showing an animated graphic of U.S. cities being targeted by missiles. In the video, the […]

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman returning to N. Korea: I miss my new BFF

While attending a charity gala at the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami Beach, “pierced and pugnacious” former NBA star Dennis Rodman said he will be returning to North […]

American socialism flag
Obama’s eight-lane road to socialism

Realists are forced to wonder how economic ignorance passes for knowledge among Barack Obama and his policy advisors. If you asked me to pick an economic plan […]

Jenna Hager Bush
George W. Bush announces birth of first grandchild on social media

Former President George W. Bush’s daughter, Jenna Bush Hager gave birth to her first child on Saturday night in New York City. This is President Bush’s first […]

NRA hat
Senator slips up: ‘You’re not going to disenfranchise the NRA overnight’

It’s not often that the confiscation crowd is nakedly honest, but when  they think they’re just preaching to the choir, they might forget the heathens are listening, […]