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N. Korea releases video of missiles hitting LA, New York, DC

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The North Korean government released video on its website over the weekend showing an animated graphic of U.S. cities being targeted by missiles. In the video, the regime appears to hit Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York and Arkansas with nuclear attacks.

Speculation was that the intent was to hit Colorado Springs, Colorado, but instead pointed toward Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Sec. of State John Kerry is in Japan to assure the United States’ commitment to standing by Japan, another announced target of Kim Jong-un. At the same time, Kerry is working to promote new dialogue with North Korea to “resolve the increasingly dangerous standoff over its nuclear and missile programs, but said the reclusive communist government first must lower tensions and honor previous agreements,” according to Fox News. Meanwhile, North Korea also has rebuffed an effort by South Korea to engage in talks to lessen tensions in the region.

See the Fox News report here.

See the video from the North Korean website here.


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