Yankees Red Sox
Florida spring training baseball hits record attendance for 2013

Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday that seven teams have set total attendance records for Florida Spring Training Baseball. Overall, spring training drew than 1.6 million fans […]

Boston Marathon bombing – Live Updates

  Tuesday 8:27 pm: The Daily Mail published a trio of pictures Tuesday that were submitted to the FBI showing a suspicious package at the site of […]

bomb boston 1
Explosions at Boston Marathon leave bloody chaos, multiple injuries

Developing: In a developing story, there were two explosions, back to back, at the finish of the Boston Marathon at 3:00 p.m. local time, and multiple […]

Van Jones turns on Obama: ‘Mr. President, this is not change we can believe in’

A former Obama administration czar blasted the president’s proposed budget in a CNN commentary last thursday, claiming that it’s “not change we can believe in.” “Bad ideas […]

financial crisis
Gold price plunges, panic everywhere

“Panic is everywhere”, investor Dennis Gartman said Monday morning about the plummeting price of gold. “There are a lot of people throwing up their hands — throwing […]

Jackson Lee
Jackson Lee says ‘Don’t condemn the gangbangers,’ then agrees with GOP

In her typical style of House floor speeches festooned with catchphrases but completely lacking in any logic known by humankind, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas launched into […]

Forced deportation
Rubio critics on immigration: Lead, follow or get out of the way

As immigration reform slowly moves forward, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio has become a lightning rod for all kinds of criticism from conservatives who take issue with his […]

Dimensional Harmony Choir
Delray Beach Republican Club hosts concert to help local teens

The ray Beach Republican Club is sponsoring a special performance Saturday to help a local high school choir who is on its way to the 2013 National […]

fonda reagan
Hanoi Jane insults vets boycotting her portrayal of Nancy Reagan

In what Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld described as a “casting stunt meant to create an uproar,”actress Jane Fonda was chosen to play Nancy Reagan in an upcoming […]

prison bars
Too much money spent on Florida’s repeat offenders

With Too Much Spent on Recidivism, Florida Must Embrace a Different Way. There are many reasons the Legislature should embrace Smart Justice legislation, including significant benefits to […]

Tax Day
George P. Bush’s tax day video: ‘Obama’s favorite day of the year’

“Hi folks, it’s tax day,” begins Texas Land Commissioner candidate George P. Bush in a campaign video released Monday. “Otherwise known as Barack Obama’s favorite day of […]

Newtown families say gun bill would not have prevented tragedy

Sen. Joe Manchin-D-W.Va. revealed Sunday that Newtown parents admitted to him that the gun bill he had co-drafted would not have prevented the tragedy at the Sandy […]